Lightweight Portable Trade Show Booth Display Options

• Pop Up Displays • Portamural Pop Up Fabric Displays • TensionLite  Fabric Displays • F1, VT, VB Series printed fabric wall Displays

Our Flat and Curved Pop Up Displays and our new line of printed fabric walls offer exceptional value. You’ll be very pleased with the fit and finish on our products. On our Pop Up Displays, you’ll appreciate the fast, easy, hassle free set up set up our patented pre-connected magnet bars provide. Click to view

Best of all, our private label products are the same national brands sold by professional trade show exhibit houses true wholesale. We can’t advertise the brand but you’ll appreciate the quality and value. Click on images to enlarge


10 ft Trade Show Pop-Up Displays

• Curve Wall Back lit Logo Sign            • Flat Wall          • Serpentine Pop Up Displays   •

By far, our most popular Pop Up Booth Display option is the Back Lit Logo Sign. The custom hardware and lights provide a stunning and highly visible presence for your corporate logo or special message. The Duratrans film provides brilliant and crisp photographic images. This one option alone retails for over $1,000! That’s one reason you won’t find this on every display on the trade show floor. Only US made displays by Skyline, Nomadic and Abex offer this option.

10 ft Curved Pop-Up Display

10 ft Flat Wall Pop-Up Booths

10 ft Serpentine Pop-Up Displays

10 ft Curved PhotoMural with Backlit Header Pop-Up Display 10 ft Flat Wall Pop-Up Display 10 ft Serpentine Pop-Up Display
$1245.00 $1495.00 $1795.00
View All Fabric, Photo Mural and Back Lit
Logo Curve Pop Up Displays
Quality engineering means perfect looks at every
show even on our Flat Wall Models
Our unique 10 ft Wave display provides a
different look in a space saving design
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PortaMural Printed Tension Fabric Pop Up Displays

• Flat Dye Sub Fabric Wall    • Curve Dye Sub Fabric Wall     • Table Top Dye Sub Fabric Displays

Our exclusive PortaMural display features pre-attached a printed fabric mural that opens up along with the expanding frame. One open, just velcro the ends of the material to the back corners of the display and you’re good to. Our frames maintain strict tolerances so that you avoid wrinkles common to other fabric walls. Hardware comes with a lifetime warranty. You can easily replace the velcro on graphic.

10 ft Straight Flat Fabric Wall

10 ft Curve Fabric Wall

Table Top Fabric Displays

trade-show-10-ft-porta-mural-display curve stretch fabric display 8ft-table-top-portamural
$1,795.00 $1,995.00 $595.00
Portamural graphic remains attached to
the frame for instant set up
PortaMural Curve is new look for curved
pop up displays
PortaMural Table Top Trade Show Displays are
extremely light weight easy to carry.
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Over 30 models of TensionLite Trade Show Displays

• Standard TensionLite Displays    • TensionLite PLUS Perimeter Frame Fabric Mural Displays      • TensionLite F1, VT, and VB Series printed fabric walls

Trade Show Pop Up Displays sells much more than just pop up booth displays! Our TensionLite printed fabric walls utilize sturdy 1″ dia. aluminum tubes on the perimeter of the wall shape, with a custom fit stretch fabric mural that slips over like a pillow case and zippers on at the bottom. The result is a full size booth display wall that sets up fast and is so lightweight you can easily carry it in the nylon back that comes with the standard nylon bag. You can upgrade to a shipping case on wheels with counter conversion.

TensionLite is available in several formats shown below, each offering a unique set of features with eye catching looks. While high resolution dye sublimation print fabric has phenomenal detail and rich color, its not the same medium as a photograph used on our pop up displays. But for many, the trade off is minor compared to the many benefits TensionLite offers.

Standard 8 and 10 ft Printed TensionLite Fabric Walls and our NEW TensionLite Vertical Curve Display

8 ft TensionLite Curve Display
8 ft tensionLite curved display$1,095.00
The 8 ft curve style has an amazing price and
exceptional light weight.

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10 ft TensionLite Curve Wall
10 ft tensionLite curved display$1,295.00The 1.5″ aluminum tube frame on perimeter of the
wall is lightweight, very easy to set up.

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10 ft TensionLite Vertical Curve Display
10 ft TensionLite vertical curve display$1,395.00
Custom fit pillow case style fabric mural zippers
upon bottom with perfect fit and finish.

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TensionLite PLUS displays

• TensionLite PLUS Sloping Curve      • Wave      • 10 ft. Serpentine Displays

The PLUS models take the printed fabric wall concept one step further, adding additional frame work to create attractive counters, flat screen mounts and unique eye catching shapes.

10 ft TensionLite PLUS Sloping Curve10 ft TensionLite Sloping Curve Display$2,795.00
The Unique TensionLite PLUS Sloping Curve
works well in 10′ and larger booth sizes.

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10 ft TensionLite PLUS Wave Design
10ft TensionLite Wave PLUS Display$3,990.00
The heavy duty frame and custom options on this
Premium Brand PLUS model offer great looks.

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10 ft TensionLite PLUS Serpentine 10 ft TensionLite Serpentine PLUS Display$3,500.00
The Serpentine PLUS version offers this unique eye
catching combination of shapes and functionality.

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10 models of TensionLite F1 Series Tension Fabric Wall Displays and Table Tops

F1 Series    •8 ft Straight    •10 ft curve       •10 ft Wave       •20 ft Curve       •20 ft Wave       •20 Serpentine       •F1 Series Table Tops

Our new F1 Series offers additional options and accessories to basic wall shapes, blending attributes of our standard and PLUS models. Based on a good selection of basic wall shapes, the F1 Series used a custom fit printed tension fabric cover with zipper on the bottom and an aluminum tube frame. Exceptional options and accessories are available, like the flat screen and cable suspended literature holder versions shown

TensionLite F1 Flat Screen Wal
Displayfabric trade show display wall curved$xxxNO ONE can miss this amazing knock your
socks off look on the trade show floor.
Add a counter to make a work station!

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TensionLite F1 CurveWallBooth
Displaytrade show printed fabric wall$xxxCable mounted floating literature holders
create focus and add a touch of custom
booth design.

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TensionLite F1 Wave Wall with Logo Header DisplayNew Design Printed fabric display$xxxThe F1 Wave with header creates a towering
presence on the show floor with maximum
visibility. Dare to be different!

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7 models of TensionLite VT Series Printed Tension Fabric Framed Mural Wall Designs

VT Series Framed Murals      • 3 x 4           •  3 x 6        • 4 x 6       •  4 x 8         • 6 x 6       • 8 x 8        • 10 x 8

The VT series brings printed fabric walls to the next level. The custom aluminum extrusions are ingeniously designed to provide a strong structure that provides museum quality mural framing in a relatively lightweight format. These simple elegance of these structures can focus the eye on your graphic message with minimal distraction from physical form.

10 ft TensionLite VT-R3 Flat Wall
fabic back wall trade show display$1595.00 8 ft x 8 ft.

Space saving Flat wall design is unique  for it’s simplicity. Combine different sizes to wall off larger spaces or create meeting areas. Includes wheeled case.

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VT Series Walls in 3 – 10 ft widths fabric_trade_show_display_back_wall$895
3 ft (shown) to 10 ft widths are perfect
for all booth space sizes including Islands.
Combine with Counters create great workstations.Includes wheeled case.

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TensionLite VT Series Hanging MuralsPrinted_fabric_graphic_wall_mount$ same cost as floor models TensionLite VT offers cost effective museum quality wall murals for Custom Exhibits, Lobby Signs and hallway murals that motivate office workers!

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Six models of VB Series Architectural Fabric Walls, Table Tops and Counters

Distinctive Aluminum Frame Printed Tension Fabric Displays and Counters

This is the newest type of design in the world of custom modular exhibits. It blends full size seamless printed fabric technology with new ways of combining structural aluminum elements to create spectacular 3D visuals. The result is a kind of sophisticated style that says a lot about who is delivering the message. This kind of display design technology is so new odds are you’ll own your display for many shows before you see anything close.

 TensionLite VB-6 Display
Trade_show_fabric_display$ 5495
TensionLite VB Series is the most custom look
available in alightweight Portable
Trade Show Display

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 TensionLite VB-3 Display
Custom_fabric_display_wall$ 3550
Dimensionality adds sophistication to your booth
design andlets people know you are
an innovator.

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TensionLite VB-4 Display
Tension_Fabric_Wall_Display$ 3895
We would add a small triangle graphic on the left of
this unique style.The point is about daring to
be different and stand out.

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20 ft Trade Show Pop-Up Displays

Trade Show Pop Up Displays offers a wide range of 20 ft booth designs based on our 10′ models. The Serpentine and Gullwing models below can be purchased with the Back Liot Logo Sign Option as well! Odds are, you won’t find another booth on the show floor with this eye catching option, particularly on 20 ft displays!

20 ft Flat Wall PLUS Display
20 ft Flat Wall PLUS Display$3,350.00
High Tech, simple elegant lines focus on the
only display that offers 20 ft of
continuous photo mural
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20 ft Serpentine Pop-Up Displays
20 ft Sepentine Photo Mural with Backlit Header Pop-Up Display$2,460.00Our Serpentine Curve wall booth display maintains strict tolerances needed to present a flowing 20′ seamless photo mural look.
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20 ft Gull Wing Pop-Up Displays
20 ft Gull Wing Photo Mural Pop-Up Display$2,200.00The 20′ Gullwing is perfect for using two separate meeting areas in front of the display. Organizes  information on a single background perfectly.
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20 ft TensionLite Trade Show Displays

The lightweight convenience of TensionLite goes a step further with seamless fabric mural walls! 20 ft booths are easy to create by combining F1, VC and VB displays; two 8′ units with a 2 ft wide VC wall in the middle or use one of the other shapes on one side and a flat shape on the other to provide maximum booth space for client meetings. You can continue your background image across the entire 20 ft in any configuration.

20 ft TensionLite Curve Display
20 ft TensionLite Curve Display$1995.00

The graceful 20 ft TensionLite Curve provides a
truly seamless look across the entire 20′.

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20 ft TensionLite Serpentine 20 ft TensionLite Serpentine display$1995.00

The 20 ft TensionLite Serpentine provides a one
piece seamless fabric mural wall.

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 A lot of trade show exhibitors wonder what is the difference between Trade Show Pop Up Displays sold on the Internet?


Learn more about the difference our Pop Ups make in durability and ease of use!

The images below illustrate how easy it is to mount the pre-connected magnet bars hang it on the top, slip it on the bottom and press the middle two buttons onto the frame… And you’re done! You can attach all three magnet bars in half the time it takes to install the first 1 of 21 magnet bars on any other Pop-Up Display.

Step 1
Pop-Up FrameThe self locking frame
springs into
position effortlessly
Step 2
Pop-Up Display Magnet Bar Set Up - Step 1
Step 3
Pop-Up Display Magnet Bar Set Up - Step 2Hang the pre-connected
magnet bar on the top
of the frame
Step 4
Pop-Up Display Magnet Bar Set Up - Step 3Slide it on the bottom
Step 5
Pop-Up Display Magnet Bar Set Up - Step 4Snap the middle two
buttons conveniently
located half way up
the frame and that’s it!


Trade Show Pop Up Displays Products
Out perform the Competition Hands Down!

The difference in the amount of effort
required to set up other brands of Pop Up Displays


Many imports use locking spacer
bars at every hub junction. In many cases, import frames have 21 locking
bars total, including ones at the very top; difficult to reach.
Our frame is self locking. That means it is
engineered to Pop Up open and lock itself into position, maintaining the
precise dimensions required by smooth seamless graphics. The individual
magnet bars on other pop ups spread the hubs they attach to apart, holding
the frame to that position.
Many import frames
are heavy, sometimes stiff and hard to open. They require so many locking
bars because they don’t have diagonal crossbars in the squares.
Expanding frames are like machines and the X
members balance them. Without them the frames are inappropriately stressed
and not as durable. The major brands in the US (including ours) and Europe
have diagonal cross bars almost without exception.
Compared to US Industry Standard products, import
and off brands appear to be Junior size. Up to one foot of graphic area
width wise is generally lost due to less wide front panels and giant round
end panels. End panels are not usable as critical image area for

Put Your Name in LIGHTS without standing on a chair

Displays on the Net
Premium 200 watt Halogens are twice as bright as the imports whose lights
are not adequate on the show floor; not as bright and less illuminated wall
washing coverage. You and your high resolution graphic image need to stand
out on the show floor, not blend in!

The photo below
shows the 6 parts used on off brand and retail displays that are the
equivalent of the two parts on our Pop Up Displays.

Note the
separate light cord and mounting bracket with three individual magnet


Most imports have individual magnet bars
(pictured far left) vs. just 7 Pre-Connected (shown right).


Imports use generic lights which have
separate power cords and light bracket pieces used to attach the lights.
Assembly requires the user to stand on
a chair to attach them to the top of the display, on the top hub behind the
fabric panels.

When it Comes to Value for Your Dollar…
It’s an Open and Shut Case!

Import case two –
latch mechanisms (shown on right) are generally not as strong as our case
which uses four latches…important to keep case contents safe during rough
and tumble UPS shipping.
Import cases
do not have recessed wheels making them prone to damage in transit. Precison
Engineered for lightweight ease and long term durability.
This photo shows how
easy it is to attach the middle of the pre-connected magnet bar to the
display frame.
Import cases are are injection molded plastic which is brittle and
less durable than Rotational molded cross link ABS we use. This material is
also recyclable.