Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Trade Show Rental Exhibits offer exceptional value!

We provide true turnkey service. Starting with CAD drawings with clear art specifications we’ll assist you with your graphics, render them for final approval on your exhibit and sent pre-production proofs for quality check and your final approval. Additional support is included for Show Services Forms. We’ll provide an electric grid map and other Show required forms such as the EAC form and Insurance Certificate. You’ll have the name and contact info for our set up labor supervisor who can answer any show site questions during and after set up. Fast, friendly, professional service!

Las Vegas Exhibit Rental Specialists!

Many companies exhibit at one major show a year and need to make a big splash. The initial cost plus the cost for storage and the time it takes to manage show services isn’t cost effective for many. The new cost-effective solution is to rent a custom exhibit that includes transportation, set up and dismantle labor all on one pre-show invoice! Prices shown are for Las Vegas. Other venues incur and additional out-of-venue-fee.

Convenience that doesn’t come at a premium cost

Whether you have a 10 x 10 or a 40 x 50, Image Design’s Trade Show Rentals can be configured to meet your needs. We have pre-designed a number of designs for the most popular display sizes but there is no limitation to what you can build. You will see a number of our accessories such as shelving or A/V mounts in the kits. Our goal is to help you visualize the many ways to use your display. We truly hope these ideas help you create the best display for you.

Heres some info about renting a double deck or truss exhibit for NAMM, the music industry’s premier trade show.

10 ft Turnkey Exhibit Rental Display Designs

These great TurnKey custom exhibit rentals range from 10 x 10 Displays to Island Exhibits and Two Story Double Deck exhibits. Prices shown are for Las Vegas and include structure rental, transportation, set up and dismantle labor! Various graphics packages are available. We store your graphics between shows so the cost of the second rental is the structure si the low rental cost you see here! We provide photorealistic renderings with your final graphics, electric grid floor plans and assist with Show Services paperwork. True TurnKey Service!

apt10-trade-show-booth-display Structure Rental: $1940 . Apt10 10 ft. Display
10x10-trade-show-truss-boothStructure Rental: $2070Bel10 10 ft. Display
10x10-truss-for-rent-display-bod-2Structure Rental: $4,697.00 Bod10 Truss Display
10x10-truss-trade-show-display-shelves-01Structure Rental: $2520 Eas10 10 ft Display

(Photo Coming Soon) Starting At: $1980 Her10 10 ft. Display

pas10-ft-truss-be-exhibit-display1Structure Rental: $1980 Pas10 10 x 10 Display

truss-10-ft-curved-tradeshow-display-ta Structure Rental: $2520 Tah10 10 x 10 Display

on10-tradeshow-exhibit-displayStructure Rental:

ONY10 10 x 10 Display

tib10-truss-trade-show-boothStarting At: $2330

TIB10 10 x 10  Display

opa10-tradeshow-exhibit-displayStarting At: $5,310 OPA10 10 ft.Display

10×20  Turnkey Exhibit Rental Display Designs

Combine unique architectural design elements with our high-resolution print capability and create a show-stopping look on the trade show floor. All 20 ft inline booth space designs convert to 10 ft displays easily. Form follows function so in addition to the look that appeals to you most, visualize these designs with the kind of graphics look that’s right for you!

Structure Rental: $4800  Bay1020 10 x 20 ft. Display
Structure Rental: $4530 Dia1020 10 x 20 Display
irv1020-truss-exhibit-booth-trade-show-displayStructure Rental: $4530  HIL1020 10 x 20 Display
Structure Rental: $4120  Mar1020 10 x 20 Display
Structure Rental: $2,616.00 Mon1020 10 x 20 Display
Structure Rental: $4920  Mont1020 10 x 20  Display
Structure Rental: $______    Nap1020 10 x 20 Display
Structure Rental: $4920  Pac1020 10 x 20 Display
pot1020mar1020-truss-trade-show-exhibit-displayStructure Rental: $____   Pot1020 10 x 20 Display
10x20-tradeshow-truss-rental-exhibitStructure Rental: $7200   Sal1020 10 x 20 Display
r-trade-show-truss-display-exhibitStructure Rental: $4800  Son1020 10 x 20 Display
sha10x20-trade-show-exhibitStructure Rental: $4920  SHA1020 10 x 20 Display
Truss_Trade_Show_Display-JAD1020-RentView2Structure Rental: $5570  JAD1020 10 x 20 Display

20 ft x 20 ft Island Exhibit Rental Designs

The beauty of rental exhibits really comes through in larger island designs where the need for visibility with height sometimes competes with the amount of floor space needed to achieve it. But you can see how easy it is to create a towering presence and also create and define space with truss.

island-custom-color-truss-booth-ash2020 Structure Rental: $7500  ALA20x20 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
Structure Rental: $10,300 Ash2020 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
Structure Rental: $17,200  BIG2020 20 x 20 Exhibit
Structure Rental: $15,900  CHI2020 20 x 20 Exhibit
Structure Rental: $20,900  Eur2020 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
Structure Rental: $9,000  Fra2020 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
holl-nap1020-truss-trade-show-exhibit-displayStructure Rental: $16.790  Hol2020 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
Structure Rental: $8200 Pal2020 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
Structure Rental: $8430 Pre2020 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
Structure Rental: $21,300  Sie2020 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
PHOTO COMING SOON Structure Rental: $10,150  ALC2020 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
Structure Rental: $10,400   Ven2020 20×20 Island Exhibit
20x20-trade-show-truss-exhibitStructure Rental $7340  SAP2020 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
Tradeshow_Truss_Rental_Exhibit-PIE2020-RentView2Structure Rental: $12,200  PIE20 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
Structure Rental: $11,070  RUB2020 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
qua-truss-trade-show-exhibit-displayStructure Rental: $6960  QUA2020 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
Structure Rental: $9700 EME2020 20 x 20 Island Exhibit 
Structure Rental: $6950  CRS2020 20 x 20 Island Exhibit
truss-exhibit-towers-graphics-trade-showStructure Rental. Call for pricing

Double Deck Exhibits

You don’t need an unlimited budget to compete..or stand out on the trade show floor. Our modular engineering enables us to custom design your exhibit to meet your unique requirements. TurnKey Rental pricing including transportation and labor starts at under $30,000! We provide on fixed cost, pre-show invoice so you’ll be confident about staying within budget. We can provide cost-effective, friendly service in sizes ranging from 10 ft.x 10 ft. Decks to designs intended for larger 40 ft. x 50 ft. booth spaces.

ec-Front_view_of_lower_level_trade_show_double_deck_island_boothStructure Rental: $74,600  EC 30 Ft x 40 Ft Double Deck Exhibit
GB_Trade_show_design_for_two_story_double_deck_exhibitStructure Rental: $ 30,350 GB 20 Ft x 20 Ft Double Deck Exhibit

ME_Double_deck_trade_booth_display_two_story_design_2Structure Rental: $ 26,250 ME 20 Ft x 20 Ft Double Deck Exhibit
te-Tech_two_level_trade_show_booth_design_1Structure Rental $21,900  TE20 30 Ft. x 30 Ft. Double Deck Exhibit
Structure Rental $75,000  TR3030 30 Ft. x 30 Ft Double Deck Exhibit
double-deck-trade-show-truss-exhibit-los-angeles Structure Rental: $70,400 LI5040 50 Ft. x 50 Ft. Double Deck Exhibit
  Structure Rental: $75,010 GI2050 20 Ft. x 50 Ft. Double Deck Exhibit

About Trade Show Double Deck Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

Our Double Deck Rental Exhibits are priced to include transportation and set up and include free graphics storage between shows!

We’ve assembled an array of well-designed trade show displays using our state of the art truss rental system. We use square rather than round tubes so that not only does the structure look great, your graphics have a fit and finish no other display can offer. Our designs give exceptional value to both new and experienced trade show exhibitors in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Anaheim along with other cities nationwide. Prices shown are for rentals in Las Vegas. We offer a number of unique custom display design options including laminate finishes, slat wall, and product shelves and large seamless high resolution printed fabric murals. Turnkey display rentals make good dollars and sense. You’ll find that renting your next exhibit and adding custom graphic design is cost-effective and hassle-free. The ability to actually know what your costs will be is a great advantage to companies wanting to maintain a specific trade show marketing budget.

Renting your next trade show booth display makes dollars and sense!

*SAVE ON SHIPPING: We deal with shipping the booth to and from the venue (drayage not included). No hunting around for the best shipping rates.

*SAVE ON TIME & LABOR: Labor is included in the rental cost! No need to worry about how much to budget for set it up. Your low fixed costs are known immediately.

*SAVE ON STORAGE: Storing a large, bulky trade show exhibit can be a hassle and paying to have it stored can be costly.

*SAVE ON MAINTENANCE AND UPKEEP: You arrive on the show floor confident your display booth is ready.

* CHANGE DISPLAY TYPE OR CONFIGURATION: By renting a trade how exhibit, you can adjust the size and configuration of your display for every show.

* MULTIPLE SHOWS AT ONCE IN DIFFERENT VENUES: Many of our clients go months without a need only to suddenly require 2 or 3 exhibits in different places across the country at approximately the same time.

*SAVE ON HEADACHES: Trade shows can be confusing and frustrating. Our knowledgeable staff has been in the trade show industry for many years and can help you with most questions and situations.

Your Exhibit Rental doesn’t need to look like the show provided rentals

We’ll help you get the look you want with compelling graphics that tell your story in the most appealing, memorable way. We rent and sell exhibits from 10′ x 10′ to 40′ x 50′ Double Deck Exhibits and bring the same professional level of service to all of our clients large and small. We believe our best clients are repeat customers and produce the kind of results that earn that loyalty. We don’t just rent displays, we develop long lasting client relationships.

You’ve found an excellent partner in ensuring your success at Trade Shows!

Double Deck Exhibit Rentals and TurnKey Trade Show Exhibit Rentals are Rental Divisions of Image Design and Communications, Inc. We are a Full Service, Los Angeles based Trade Show Display Company serving exhibitors nationwide with close proximity to Las Vegas and Anaheim Convention Center. Our range of experience enables us to provide value added services like input on marketing, graphic design, recommendations on the best graphic materials to use and planning ahead for the future today. Together these things provide value and a higher ROI.

Other offerings from our family of trade show product and services web sites

The Image Design and Communications, Inc. family of web sites offer a broad range of Trade Show Products including Banner Stand and Pull Up Signs and Portable Lightweight Displays; Photo mural and Printed Fabric Pop Up Displays, Custom Modular exhibits up to 30′ x 60′. Please visit these sites should you have additional needs in those product categories. If you’d like to view additional designs in portable displays, please visit Displays On The Net!

I’m confident that we will meet or exceed your expectations for quality and service from the smallest Banner Stand to the largest Custom Modular Trade Show Exhibit!

All good thoughts,

Nick Drance, President

We are here to help. That’s why the tagline of our Corporate parent, Image Design and Communications, Inc. is

“Building Relationships Through Design”.

Relationships are what this industry is all about!

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