Pop-Up Display Demo and Illustrated Instructions

A lot of trade show exhibitors wonder what is the difference between Trade Show Pop Up Displays sold on the Internet?



Learn more about the difference our Pop Ups make in durability and ease of use!

The images below illustrate how easy it is to mount the pre-connected magnet bars hang it on the top, slip it on the bottom and press the middle two buttons onto the frame... And you're done! You can attach all three magnet bars in half the time it takes to install the first 1 of 21 magnet bars on any other Pop-Up Display.

Step 1
Pop-Up FrameThe self locking frame
springs into
position effortlessly
Step 2
Pop-Up Display Magnet Bar Set Up - Step 1
Step 3
Pop-Up Display Magnet Bar Set Up - Step 2Hang the pre-connected
magnet bar on the top
of the frame
Step 4
Pop-Up Display Magnet Bar Set Up - Step 3Slide it on the bottom
Step 5
Pop-Up Display Magnet Bar Set Up - Step 4Snap the middle two
buttons conveniently
located half way up
the frame and that's it!


Trade Show Pop Up Displays Products
Out perform the Competition Hands Down!

The difference in the amount of effort
required to set up other brands of Pop Up Displays


Many imports use locking spacer
bars at every hub junction. In many cases, import frames have 21 locking
bars total, including ones at the very top; difficult to reach.
Our frame is self locking. That means it is
engineered to Pop Up open and lock itself into position, maintaining the
precise dimensions required by smooth seamless graphics. The individual
magnet bars on other pop ups spread the hubs they attach to apart, holding
the frame to that position.
Many import frames
are heavy, sometimes stiff and hard to open. They require so many locking
bars because they don't have diagonal crossbars in the squares.
Expanding frames are like machines and the X
members balance them. Without them the frames are inappropriately stressed
and not as durable. The major brands in the US (including ours) and Europe
have diagonal cross bars almost without exception.
Compared to US Industry Standard products, import
and off brands appear to be Junior size. Up to one foot of graphic area
width wise is generally lost due to less wide front panels and giant round
end panels. End panels are not usable as critical image area for

Put Your Name in LIGHTS without standing on a chair

Displays on the Net
Premium 200 watt Halogens are twice as bright as the imports whose lights
are not adequate on the show floor; not as bright and less illuminated wall
washing coverage. You and your high resolution graphic image need to stand
out on the show floor, not blend in!

The photo below
shows the 6 parts used on off brand and retail displays that are the
equivalent of the two parts on our Pop Up Displays.

Note the
separate light cord and mounting bracket with three individual magnet






Most imports have individual magnet bars
(pictured far left) vs. just 7 Pre-Connected (shown right).


Imports use generic lights which have
separate power cords and light bracket pieces used to attach the lights.
Assembly requires the user to stand on
a chair to attach them to the top of the display, on the top hub behind the
fabric panels.

When it Comes to Value for Your Dollar...
It's an Open and Shut Case!

Import case two -
latch mechanisms (shown on right) are generally not as strong as our case
which uses four latches...important to keep case contents safe during rough
and tumble UPS shipping.
Import cases
do not have recessed wheels making them prone to damage in transit. Precison
Engineered for lightweight ease and long term durability.
This photo shows how
easy it is to attach the middle of the pre-connected magnet bar to the
display frame.
Import cases are are injection molded plastic which is brittle and
less durable than Rotational molded cross link ABS we use. This material is
also recyclable.