Trade Show Booth Display Designs | 10ft

Quality 10 ft. Trade Show Display Booth Designs.

Our light weight portable and custom modular trade show booth displays are top of the line.

Each design option offers a unique combination of display features. Lightweight portables offer portability, museum quality photography, large format fabric murals, unique shapes. Custom modular displays provide a more sophisticated custom look through the creative use of materials and state of the art engineering. Click on the images to enlarge.

The highest quality US made Pop Up Displays available only through Full Service Professional Exhibit Houses

Our 10 ft Backlit Logo display is the standout model with a spectacular back lit photographic logo sign. We only sell US made quality with a lifetime warranty at phenomenal savings. See what makes us different! Advantages like not needing to stand on chairs to mount the lights is just one of many reasons to choose our products!  Plus, we offer 40 fabric colors. Instead of black spandex, all case conversions include a N/C upgrade to color coordinated deluxe display fabric.  For a modest additional cost you can upgrade to our lifetime warranty graphics which protect against scratches and de-lamination, regardless of the number of shows per year or how long they need to last.

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Trade Show Straight and Curved 10ft Pop Up Displays

10 ft Curved Pop-Up Displays10 ft pop up curved photo mural header display

Starting at $1,495

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10 ft Flat Wall Pop-Up Displays10 ft pop up flat straight photomural display case

Starting at: $1,495

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10 ft Wave Pop-Up Displays10 ft Serpentine PhotoMural Pop-Up DisplayView Product Details

Pre-attached fabric Pop Ups:

Our exclusive PortaMural Display with pre-attached printed fabric mural features intense eye catching color and sharpness. Open the display frame and you’re done! So lightweight and compact you can easily carry a 10 ft. display under your arm!

5ft Table Top Pop Up | PortaMural 10ft Curved Pop Up | PortaMural 10ft Flat PopUp | PortaMural
5ft-table-top-portamural curved-portamural-display trade-show-10-ft-porta-mural-display
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Custom Modular Displays | DesignerLine

The 3 styles DesignerLine displays offer, each use Modular Aluminum forms that are both structural and decorative, each placing different emphasis on how structure combines with materials and form. The Classic series offers a standard and lightweight version.

The three styles DesignerLine displays offer, each use Modular Aluminum forms that are both structural and decorative, each placing different emphasis on how structure combines with materials and form. The Classic series offers a standard and lightweight version.

DesignerLine Structure

The most substantial of the three versions, Form uses the largest aluminum extrusions we offer in the portable format and exposes them to entir ely frame each mural and the entire 10 ft or 20 display wall. Available in spliced lengths to ship in smaller UPS-able wheeled cases or full length sizes that reduce parts and save time. Both options result in a solid impressive look. Select from seamless fabric murals or high resolution photographic process. Logo signs on Designer Line Form Displays are back lit. One of the great advantages of Form is that it only uses the back and side 3″ of your valuable trade show real estate, leaving maximum room for clients and product demos.




DesignerLine Structure
Starting at: $3,995

DesignerLine Form

Form creates a truly unique style as remarkable for its creative use of materials as it is for easy set up and UPS portability. No other type of design offers eye catching shapes in Acrylic to frame your message. Choose the standard upscale frosted acrylic or add graphics to expand your message.


10x10-tradeshow-booth-display-form designerline-form-display-options-features-
DesignerLine Form
Starting at $2,495

DesignerLine Classic

The Classic Series features three great canopy styles, each available in 28 stunning colors, each coordinated with their own complimentary wing and header shape. Chose white for a contemporary look, make a bold statement in red or compliment your logo. Choose the a look with flair like the wave, the graceful tasteful arc or the no nonsense flat version. Each style has it’s own look in 10 ft booths and when combined in their 10 ft x 20 ft versions. Classic Lite offers a clever single version for 20′.

Wall mural options include high resolution seamless dye sublimation fabric and photo graphic mural panels, standard frosted acrylic, solid color or printed graphic wings and headers. Beautiful custom modular single or double laminate cabinets with locking storage provide additional structure for flat screen displays mounted to the wall or free standing reception desks at the aisle.

10 ft Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays | TensionLite Collection

TensionLite Fabric Displays are designed  carry your high resolution graphic message in the lightest weight format possible. By custom fitting photo fabric graphics to progressively designed aluminum frames, we create an engaging look that draws attention and sets you apart on the trade show floor. Simple, easy to assemble aluminum tubes with push button connections go together easily without tools. The fabric slips over like a pillow case and zippers together at the bottom. Always seamless, always wrinkle free. The US made quality of the hardware and printing make all the difference in the world.

Printed Fabric Trade Show Displays | TensionLite

10 ft TensionLite Curved10 ft TensionLite Curve Pop-Up Display


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10 ft TensionLite Vertical Curve10 ft TensionLite Vertical Curve Display


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10 ft TensionLite Sloping Curve10 ft TensionLite Sloping Curve Display


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10 ft Trade Show Displays | TensionLite PLUS

We’ve taken the simple light weight TensionLite Display and added just enough options to create more eye catching looks and product capabilities without loosing the benefits our popular TensionLite Printed Tension Fabric Displays offer.

10 ft TensionLite PLUS Serpentine10 ft TensionLite Wave PLUS Display


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10 ft TensionLite PLUS Wave10 ft TensionLite Wave PLUS Display


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Tension Fabric Wall Displays | TensionLite F1 Series

Our new F1 Series offers additional options and accessories to basic wall shapes, blending attributes of our standard and PLUS models. Based on a good selection of basic wall shapes, the F1 Series used a custom fit printed tension fabric cover with zipper on the bottom and an aluminum tube frame. Exceptional options and accessories are available, like the flat screen and cable suspended literature holder versions shown.

10 ft TensionLite F Series F-1 Wave Display 10 ft TensionLite F Series F-2 Flat Wall display 10 ft TensionLite F Series F-3 Curve Display
fabric trade show display wall curved Straight wall Display 8 ft trade show printed fabric wall
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Lightweight Custom Modular Booth Displays | VB Series

An artful blend of high resolution printed tension fabric and aluminum frame work come together to create state of the art design between lightweight portables and sophisticated custom modular displays that rival the heavy crated custom cousins.

VB Series Architectural Fabric Walls  – Ask about back lighting!

This is the newest type of design in the world of custom modular exhibits. It blends full size seamless printed fabric technology with new ways of combining structural aluminum elements to create spectacular 3D visuals. The result is a kind of sophisticated style that says a lot about who is delivering the message. This kind of display design technology is so new odds are you’ll own your display for many shows before you see anything close.

10 ft VB Series VB-3 Custom Angle
Wall Display
10 ft VB series VB-6 Flat Stand
10 ft VB Series VB-4
Flat Screen fabric wall trade show VB Series _trade_show_display
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Printed Tension Fabric wall designs | VT Series

The VT series brings printed fabric walls to the next level. The custom aluminum extrusions are ingeniously designed to provide a strong structure that provides museum quality mural framing in a relatively lightweight format. These simple elegance of these structures can focus the eye on your graphic message with minimal distraction from physical form.

VT Series VT-S-3 Printed Fabric Wall
Fabic Backwall Display


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VT Series VTR-2 Printed Fabric Wall
Trade Show Backwall VT2


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VT Series Hanging Wall Bracket


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