TensionLite Printed Trade Show Displays

TensionLite Printed Fabric Trade Show Displays available in all sizes for all needs.

• 10 ft        • 20 ft     • Table Tops 

• Standard TensionLite    • TensionLite PLUS   •TensionLite PLUS F1 Series     • TensionLite PLUS VT Series       • TensionLite Plus VB Architectural Series

Trade Show Pop Up Displays sells much more than just pop up booth displays! Our TensionLite printed fabric walls utilize sturdy 1″ dia. aluminum tubes on the perimeter of the wall shape, with a custom fit stretch fabric mural that slips over like a pillow case and zippers on at the bottom. The result is a full size booth display wall that sets up fast and is so lightweight you can easily carry it in the nylon back that comes with the standard nylon bag. You can upgrade to a shipping case on wheels with counter conversion. Scroll down to view 20′ Booth Design Options

Each offers a unique set of features with eye catching looks. While high resolution dye sublimation print fabric has phenomenal detail and rich color, its not the same medium as a photograph used on our pop up displays. But for many, the trade off is minor compared to the many benefits TensionLite Booth Displays offer. Click on the image to enlarge.


10 ft Printed Standard TensionLite Fabric Walls

8 ft TensionLite Curve

8 ft tensionLite curved display$1,095.00

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10 ft TensionLite Curve 10 ft tensionLite curved display$1,295.00

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10 ft TensionLite Vertical Curve 10 ft TensionLite vertical curve display$1,395.00

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TensionLite F1 Series Printed Tension Fabric Wall Displays

• F1 Series 8 ft Straight 10 ft curve      • 10 ft Wave 20 ft Curve     •  20 ft Wave    •  20 Serpentine      • F1 Series Table Tops

Our new TensionLite F1 Series offers additional options and accessories to basic wall shapes, blending attributes of our standard and PLUS models. Based on a good selection of basic wall shapes, the F1 Series used a custom fit printed tension fabric cover with zipper on the bottom and an aluminum tube frame. Exceptional options and accessories are available, like the flat screen and cable suspended literature holder versions shown.

            10 ft TensionLite F1                    Flat Screen Wall      10-ft-tensionlite-f1$3250

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             10 ft TensionLite                    F1Flat Wall Display       Straight wall Display 8 ft


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TensionLite F1 Wave Wall with Header and literature shelf


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10 ft  Printed TensionLite PLUS Fabric Walls

These displays take the printed fabric wall concept one step further, adding additional or creatively designed frame work to create attractive counters, flat screen mounts and unique eye catching shapes.

10 ft TensionLite Sloping Curve10 ft TensionLite Sloping Curve Display$2,795.00

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10 ft TensionLite PLUS Wave10ft TensionLite Wave PLUS Display$3,990.00

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10 ft TensionLite PLUS Serpentine10 ft TensionLite Serpentine PLUS Display$3,500.00

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TensionLite VT Series Printed Tension Fabric Wall Designs

VT Series Framed Murals      • 3 x 4           •  3 x 6        • 4 x 6       •  4 x 8           • 6 x 6    • 8 x 8        • 10 x 8

The VT series brings printed fabric walls to the next level. The custom aluminum extrusions are ingeniously designed to provide a strong structure that provides museum quality mural framing in a relatively lightweight format. The precision aluminum frame has squared off edges that gives is a more formal look than our printed tension fabric displays on round tube frames. These simple elegance of these structures can focus the eye on your graphic message with minimal distraction from physical form.

TensionLite VT 10 ft Flat Wall

fabic back wall trade show display$1695

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TensionLite VT Series 3 ft x 6 ft Flat Wall fabric_trade_show_display_back_wall$745

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TensionLite VT Series Hanging Wall Murals Printed_fabric_graphic_wall_mount

$ varies by size

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TensionLite VB Series Architectural Printed Fabric Wall Displays

Distinctive Aluminum Frame Printed Tension Fabric Displays

This is the newest type of design in the world of custom modular exhibits. It blends full size seamless printed fabric technology with new ways of combining structural aluminum elements to create spectacular 3D visuals. The result is a kind of sophisticated style that says a lot about who is delivering the message. This kind of display design technology is so new odds are you’ll own your display for many shows before you see anything close.

 TensionLite VB Series 06Trade_show_fabric_display


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 TensionLite VB Series 03Custom_fabric_display_wall$4495

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TensionLite VB SeriesTension_Fabric_Wall_Display$4895

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TensionLite Printed Fabric Wall Display Options for 20 ft Booth Spaces

The beauty of truly seamless mural graphics can really be appreciated on these 20′ in-line booth space designs. Of course, the superb fit and finish you expect from TensionLite applies despite the super size mural format. Set up remains simple. Just join the aluminum tube frame, slip the mural skin over it and zipper up at the bottom. Available in two elegant one piece designs and a unique custom sloping curve wall design shown below.

20 ft TensionLite Curve Display20 ft TensionLite curved display$1,995.00

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20 ft TensionLite Serpentine Display

20 ft printed fabric trade show display


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20 ft TensionLite Sloping Curve Display

20 ft TensionLite Sloping Curve Pop-Up Display




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TensionLite Table Top Printed Fabric Displays available with special pricing on Table Covers and Runners

TensionLite Table Top Displays for Trade Shows and Sales Meetings offer the largest impact with the smallest weight.  These mural style tabletops have revolutionized the industry by combining lightweight, large mural size and low cost into one amazing package.

6 ft TensionLite Tabletop
Display6 ft TensionLite table top curved display$595.00

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8 ft TensionLite Tabletop
Display8 ft TensionLite table top display$695.00

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VB Series Table Top  and
Literature Holder Display 1New_table_top_display_design$655

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VB Series Table Top Side
Wing Display 2New_Design_VB_Table_Top_Display$739

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VB Series Table Top Lit Holder and Wood Shelf Display


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VB Series Table Top Dual Literature Holder DisplayVB_New_8_ft_Table_top_booth_display$1039

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