Customizable Trade Show Display | DesignerLine Form 10×20

Customize your Trade Show Display from the DesignerLine Series


The DesignerLine Form Trade Show Display

This trade show display from the DesignerLine Form series offers three designs for the unique shape of the wings and header pieces to help you stand out at your next event. No other display has so many configuration options. Each display is made to order so if you have needs which are not met by the stock configuration, no problem, we’ll work out a custom solution. With all of the graphic elements broken up over 12 sections, you can easily rebrand the display at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement. For your next show, just buy the headers and wings and look completely different! Another great feature of the 20′ DesignerLine displays is that they can be used as a full 10′ display as well. Or add a few extra parts and have 2 complete 10′ displays! Its a three-in-one! There are many optional accessories that can be added to the exhibit. With the modular extrusion frame, you can add them pretty much any where they are needed.


Graphic Specs | 20′ DesignerLine Form


Download tear-sheet | 20′ DesignerLine Form

As the DesignerLine Form displays are made to order, the aluminum extrusions can be painted with a durable powder coat process to match your colors. The optional counters are available in a variety of laminate finishes. If there is a finish you would like but dont see, let us know, we’ll make it happen. The entire DesignerLine series(Classic, Form, and Structure) is available for stock and custom designs. If you need to ultimate in customization, the DesignerLine series offers everything you could want at a fraction of the cost of a truss or wood(ugh!) system at a fraction of the weight and travel expense as well.


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