Shipping for Trade Shows

Shipping and logistics for trade shows

We handle trade show shipping for booth displays to  New York, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando and the Trade Show Capital, Las Vegas!

Lightweight portable displays ship UPS and don’t generally require truck shipping. Our Corporate parent, Image Design and Communications, Inc, specializes in larger exhibit properties that often require crated exhibit properties. We’ve established a reputation for reliable transportation services from our Los Angeles location to shows around the country. Clients located in other parts of the country enjoy the same quality service.

We also coordinate Show Services which include transportation, show labor, even electric and carpets.

We have years of experience in providing quality transportation services that meet the specific requirements of exhibitors. The two most important factors in using a dedicated shipper for trade shows is reliable pick up and delivery times and how well your freight is treated on the road.

We do not use Common Carriers who consolidate shipments along the way to the destination, sometimes dropping off at three terminals along the way. This method of shipping is appropriate for commodities and cargo that does not require special care and handling. Using us gives you access to a dedicated carrier with whom we have a long working relationship. We use the best shipping partners exclusively and that’s one reason we are able to provide such great, reliable service.


All trade shows have specific move in and move out dates and times that freight must adhere to. They base their schedules on both the size of the booth and the location. The farther away your both space is from the freight doors, the earlier the move in date. They must assign these times to avoid bottlenecks  with longer than necessary lines for arriving trucks and freight blocking aisles making access to booth spaces near the front difficult.

Freight pick ups must occur within a certain window as well, If your truck is late the show “forces freight on to their carrier, generally much more costly than normal. In addition to ensuring reliable pick up and delivery schedules, we can tell you exactly where your freight is at any given time.

Trade Show Pop-Up Displays has the flexibility and experience to coordinate multiple trade show itineraries.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for additional information regarding how we can assist you and your organization to help ensure a successful show season.