TradeShow Graphic Design

Trade Show Graphic Design Layout Considerations

There is a hierarchy of importance in your layout of tradeshow graphic design for trade shows. Communication anywhere must always follow the same rules, no matter where it is. A headline identifies. That’s at the top, where your company name goes. After the trade show, that’s what they will remember in their mind’s eye, if you did it right. The area right below that tells the viewer or reader what you are going to tell them, a sub header, tagline or simple statement about what you do. Below that, is an illustration or example of what the sub header or tag line says that reinforces what was said.

Of course, you need to use fonts compatible or the same as your logo, colors that compliment it, and be consistent in the use of color. No matter what, if the colors are harmonious and the overall look of the exhibit is focused on your message and all visual distractions have been eliminated, your exhibit booth will function well as a vehicle for your marketing vehicle. Whether you have Skyline photo mural panels, backlit logo signs, even 3D letters, good graphic design makes all the difference in the world!


General trade show graphics design services we provide

If it’s worth going to a Trade Show, it’s worth putting your best foot forward and doing the job right. Graphic design and high quality production methods are professional services you need.

As you can see from our Marketing section, several key elements to success at your next trade show are necessary. Many of our clients do not have their own designers or else their own designers need some tips on layout or file prep.

Unique among internet trade show booth display companies, the Professional Trade show Design Services we offer at $95 an hour replace much of what you would pay thousands of dollars to an Advertising Agency or Marketing firm. We have the highest standards overall and this is a critically important part of that.

This consulting service requires a brief overview of your company, ideally through a review of your web site if you have one and by asking the right questions when you begin the process of creating an effective trade show display. That’s the way we do business!


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